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Intuitive Coaching

SERVICES - 30 mins $80 - 1hr $110

Intuitive Coaching


This is an individual coaching package created specifically to your needs. What personal improvements would you like to see? You are unique and your coaching should be too. What would you like to accomplish? Would you like to improve your body image? Strengthen your intuiton? Perhaps make a deeper connection with the spirit, or tackle issues of wealth, love, or intimacy? Let me help you with 8 weeks of coaching, complete with exercises for each week. This is personalized to your needs and can be done in person or over the phone. There is one 60 minute session each week, and you can e-mail me with your thoughts at any time, as ideas, questions, or other thoughts come to you. 

All services are included in this package.


$600.00 for 8 week package

Karmic Regression



This treatment works with our vibration rate The person's rate is measured at the beginning and at the end of the treatment. This treatment adds light to your consciousness, physical and subtle bodies, 16 chakras and 12 different dimensions. The person's rate is significantly raised as more light is introduced to the body, which brings balance and harmony to the person. This brings peace of mind, resistance to negativity, and receptiveness to higher knowledge. It also increases intuition and makes one more receptive to prosperity, improving life.


1 Hour session $110



In our body we hold trauma from past life experiences. During a Karmic Regression, these areas of the body are located and the reason for the trauma is revealed and explained. This area is then cleared of the trauma so energy can flow properly. You will end up feeling lighter and freer.


1 hour session $110

Celtic Reiki


Celtic Reiki is a variation of Usui Reiki, which uses vibrations of the earth and trees in order to create an environment suitable for healing and manifestation. I will usually see (this all depends on what my Celtic guides wish to show us) a vision of you in nature which I will guide you through; I can record this so you can use it later as a meditation or daily practice. Listening to this recording afterwards can bring you back to the same relaxation and meditaion feeling you experienced during the treatment.


1 hour session $110

First Great Session 


In this special session, we travel to a special place in the spirt world, where you are connected to the morphogenic field, universal mind, and divine matrix. Here, we can see how you are with yourself in the present time in this space, and we can ask questions to gain information and insight about things that have been puzzling, e.g. people. work, etc.

We close with balance, healing and harmonizing treatments.

A Gold treatment will be included in this treatment.


1 Hour session $110

Intuitive Reading

Readings start with tuning into how your body talks to you. Numerology, your birth number,  your current year and the universal year will be used to help determine where you are currently.

The card spread during your reading looks at:


* Past: What skills you have acquired and could be using now

* Present: What you are currently working on

* Future: What lies ahead


Your questions are usually all answered in the cards, but at the end of the reading there is the opportunity to explore other questions that may not have beeen addressed by the cards.

Gold Treatment

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